Noncompete Agreements

M ost people don’t recognize that legal issues involving contracts often require the attention of an attorney. Disputes can quickly escalate and become costly to fix. At Conners Law, I work with employees and professionals throughout the Twin Cities in all legal issues relating to noncompete agreements and employment contracts. I tailor my straightforward advice and efficient legal service to your needs.

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

As an employee, it is important to carefully review any type of employment contract before you enter into it. Noncompete contracts have restrictive language that could affect your employment and livelihood in the future. Having a lawyer review your noncompete agreement can ultimately save you time, money and stress.

I draft, review, and amend noncompete agreements for individuals in the Twin Cities area. My goal is to protect your best interests and create a contract that effectively avoids challenges in the future. Not only do I take the time to review the terms of your contract, but I also explain all options for amending the contract to protect your rights.

Effectively Resolving Contract Disputes

At Conners Law, I routinely work with individuals who are engaged in disputes stemming from noncompete agreements relating to employment law. I am an effective negotiator and ready to go up against your employer to advocate for your interests. While many disputes can be resolved through skillful negotiations, if litigation arises, I am ready to advocate for your interests in court.

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